How To Make A Selfmade Mosquito Lure


There’s nothing extra aggravating than making an attempt to relish a pleasing summer season night time in your yard, solely to be besieged by irksome mosquitoes. Their droning sounds are as disagreeable as their extremely itchy bites. Citronella candles seem to have a really restricted efficient radius and length. So, how will we keep at bay these irritating intruders?

The answer is a DIY mosquito entice! To craft your selfmade mosquito entice, you’ll want:

1 cup of water

1/4 cup of brown sugar

1 gram of yeast

An empty 2-liter bottle

Step 1: Halve the plastic bottle.

Step 2: Dissolve the brown sugar within the cup of sizzling water. Enable the combination to chill. As soon as cooled, pour the answer into the underside half of the bottle.

Step 3: Introduce the yeast. It would generate carbon dioxide, which is a magnet for mosquitoes.

Step 4: Place the funnel half in an upside-down method into the opposite half of the bottle, securing them along with tape if you want.

Step 5: Envelop the bottle with a black materials or apply black paint to the bottle’s exterior, leaving the highest uncovered. Place the bottle outdoor, at a distance out of your ordinary hangout space (mosquitoes are drawn to the colour black).

Step 6: Refresh the answer each fortnight to take care of management over mosquito populations.


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