How To Correctly Freeze Corn On The Cob


The joyous season of summer season season not solely affords radiant sunshine, balmy local weather, and extended daytime however as well as presents us a bounty of current produce. Among the cherished summer season season delights is the corn on the cob. The sweet and juicy crunch of a corn cob is a mode of summer season season that each one of us need might remaining eternally. As a result of the corn season attracts to an end, we incessantly uncover ourselves looking forward to this succulent cope with. Fortuneo, there’s a technique to guard this summer season season pleasure in an effort to savor corn on the cob all through fall and winter too.

An environment friendly methodology for freezing corn on the cob has been handed down from expert farmers and examined through generations. To freeze corn cobs whereas retaining their current fashion, start by gently peeling away a couple of of the outer layers of the husk, leaving the innermost layers intact. Subsequent, trim each end of the cob nonetheless stay away from blanching the corn, a step which items this system apart.

As quickly as your corn is prepared, instantly place the cobs into freezer baggage or vacuum seal them to lock throughout the Fresnel. The necessary factor proper right here is to confirm the corn is well-sealed sooner than you freeze it.

When the time includes have the benefit of your frozen corn, the strategy is straightforward and quick. Run the frozen cob beneath working water, which is ready to help to remove the husks and silos. Now it is ready to be cooked. Boil it for about quarter-hour, guaranteeing to keep up the corn frozen when you start. This helps in retaining the distinctive fashion of current corn.

Apart from boiling, there are a variety of various strategies to arrange your frozen corn. You presumably can steam it, grill it wrapped throughout the husk with some aluminum foil, and even microwave it. Regardless of the methodology you choose, the consequence will be good corn on the cob that tastes as if it was merely picked from the farm.

The magic of this technique lies in its simplicity and the fashion it retins, supplying you with the feel of biting proper right into a current cob even when it’s off-season. The frozen corn prepared this fashion in no way turns soggy or gummy, nonetheless always offers the satisfying crunch of current corn.

In essence, this useful corn preservation trick means which you can relish the fashion of summer season season all yr spherical. So as the corn season nears its end, take into consideration stocking up and making use of this freezing technique. This way, chances are you’ll always have a mode of summer season season capable of be liked, whatever the season.


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